• do you have any social medias? someone wants to contact you for appealing the block. “she dont know where to contact and wants to tell you about her bad experience here also appealing the block”

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    • If the user wants to appeal her block, she can do so right here: Block Appeal Google form.

      For more information, here is the blog post talking about it.

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    • she already appeals it on that form but there’s no response until now and she also wants to tell you about my very bad experience on this wiki. she already fill the form like maybe 1/2 months ago.

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    • According to the rules that I've read on the Google form, if the user hasn't been unblocked during the 24-48 hour time frame that the appeal was read, it most likely has been declined. And usually, the user is notified via Message Wall why the appeal has been declined by the administrator in charge of receiving the block appeals.

      She can try appealing again 24 hours after receiving the notification or if there is no response after 24-48 hours.

      Who is the user appealing, if I may ask?

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    • “She cant tell it now because there’s some reasons”.

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    • Alright, then. As I said before, she is able to try appealing again, so just have her fill out the block appeal form again. The admins will read her responses and decide whether to appeal her block or not.

      If she wants to share her bad experience, then she must do so on the "Why should we unblock you?" section.

      Once we receive the form and make a decision, she should expect a response in at least 24-48 hours on her Message Wall from one of the administrators.

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