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For the TV counterpart that is based on this place, see PJ Masks Headquarters.

Totem Base

Where the team sometimes hangout, and serves as the totem animals' home.

Official Name

Totem Base


Secret Place
Les Pyjamasques' Totem


Book Continuity







The Totem Base (formerly known as the Secret Place) is a special totem that serves as the base and hangout area to Les Pyjamasques, and the home of their totem animals. It debuted in "Le secret des Pyjamasques".

It is located inside Tarabiscoville on a small island surrounded by a pond, the island itself can be accessed by a bridge. In its initial appearance, it is located in L'île de l'imagination which was discovered by Utupë as he showed it to Les Pyjamasques.

In its initial appearances, the totem base was originally a normal totem (that marks the Pyjamasques origins on their relation to the Nahual and totem animal mythologies) in "Le secret des Pyjamasques", then it became a magical totem that only store Les Pyjamasques' vehicles and totem animals as of "La Légende des Pyjamasques". It originally lacked a bridge to the entrance of the totem base during the events.

The magical totem also holds magical vehicles that are claimed to be half-animal and half-vehicle, but they are only used for emergencies only:

Features & functions

The Totem Base consists of 3 sections, one for each of the Pyjamasques.

The 3 symbols on the front side of the Totem Base can release the Pyjamasques totem animals at midnight, and allows them to shelter at free will. It can also let the Pyjamasques' vehicles out or back in like doors.

The Totem Base is equipped with the following features:

  • The Pyja-Cristal: A crystal statue that is thought to be the resting place for the Pyjamasques' totem animals, however, the crystal turned out to not have any magical power at all and is more of a decorative item that is able to emit a glowing light. It is usually stored at Bibou's base room.


  • One of the totem's functions to automatically release and store Les Pyjamasques' animal totems had been heavily inspired from the transformation functions of PJ Masks' animal bracelets.
  • The totem's later appearance is a mashup of its original look and the PJ Masks Headquarters.
  • Gluglu's base room and his vehicle is the only feature that is not revealed yet in the base.
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