Alessandra Mirieno
Editor, Artist

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Hi! My name is Alessia!

I am a big fan of PJ Masks since 2015. At the time I was already a big fan, then over time I always liked it more. I really liked the first season, I watched it in contunution waiting for there to be other seasons. Now I love even more this show! I love PJ Masks. Also I love so much this wiki and people here. I hate intrusive and rude people, i get very angry when such a person bothers me or annoys others. I'm very very shy, but i think if you know me, i can be friendly.

Finally, I hope I can always help you, so call me if you need my help.

Facts about me

  • My favorite character is Catboy.
  • I love the mysterious mountain.
  • So far I like all seasons of Pj masks, i have no preferences.
  • I'm a editor and artist.
  • I am a skater "freestyle skating"
  • I play musical instruments: piano, guitar and flute. I also love to sing.
  • Book lover.
  • I wear glasses.
  • My zodiac sign is libra.
  • I love to draw.
  • My real name is Alessia, but I liked the name Alessandra a little more, then being very creative I created Mirieno ... then Alessandra Mirieno, but you call me however you want, it's the same for me.
  • Also I love the cartoons of the 60s and 80s....for example like kiss me licia,Creamy mami,the magical angel etc..

I love helping people when they have a problem, so if you need help call me anytime, i am always available.

My favorite episodes of Season 1

  1. "Owlette's Terrible Pterodactyl Trouble"
  2. "Catboy vs. Robo-Cat"
  3. "Catboy's Tricky Ticket"
  4. "Owlette and the Battling Headquarters"
  5. "Catboy and the Lunar Dome"

My favorite episodes of Season 2

  1. "Moonfizzle Balls"
  2. "Night of the Cat"
  3. "The Mountain Prisoner"
  4. "Halloween Tricksters"
  5. "Owlette Comes Clean"
  6. "The Dragon Gong"

My favorite episodes of Season 3

  1. "Moon Madness"
  2. "Armadylan Zen"
  3. "Way of the Woofy"
  4. "Robot Goes Wrong"
  5. "Meet An Yu"
  6. "The Moon Prix"
  7. "Clash on Mystery Mountain"
  8. "Wolfy Powers"
  9. "The Prank Wheelz"
  10. "Romeo's Melody"
  11. "PJ Sky Pirates"
  12. "PJ Party Crasher"

My favorite  episodes of Season 4

  1. "Heroes of the Sky"
  2. "Commander Meow"
  3. "Motsuki's Missing Sister"
  4. "Not so Ninja"
  5. "PJ Party Mountain"
  6. "Wolfies of the Pagoda"
  7. "Master Fang's Secret"
  8. "Asteroid Accident"
  9. "All About Asteroids"
  10. "Romeo's Space Machine"
  11. "Newton and the Ninjas"

My favorite episodes of Season 5

Coming Soon.

Please Take Note.

  • Don't bother anyone and do not be intrusive, if it happens I will immediately notify the administrators to resolve the problem.
  • Please follow all the rules of fandom carefully.
  • Don't annoy administrators.
  • If in case you have been blocked for valid reasons, wait until your block expires and don't be impatient.
  • Finally please, if you need help, feel free to contact me when you want.
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