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Hi my name is Babby, im a girl who has been watching PJ Masks since 2015 (っ^▿^)

I have joined the fandom since April 23, 2020.

When I watched the first episode of PJ Masks, “Blame It On The Train Owlette” i didn’t really have interest in the episode or the show, after a year since I have watched the first episode I came across a season 2 trailer of PJ Masks, The trailer caught my eyes and it made me watch more episodes PJ Masks and I actually started to like the show more. Now I am a fan of the show and I like to come across and edit in the wiki everyday to see what’s new with the show. I might come everyday to this wiki to edit a gallery or an article.

In 2020, I’m starting to lose interest in this show. But I will still watch the episodes.

Now I come to the wiki everyday to see how everyone is doing and I hope one day I will get use to this wiki.


  • I like to watch PJ Masks, Steven Universe and Hanazuki.
  • My YouTube channel is Babbybluee
  • I watch Anime.
  • My zodiac sign is ‘Aries’.
  • I live in Earth.
  • live in a house.
  • The first episode I watched in PJ Masks was Blame It On The Train Owlette.
  • When I first watched watched PJ Masks I had no interest in it, but when I watched the season 2 trailer, I actually started to like the show more, and now I’m a fan of the show.
  • I really love the game, “Bendy And The Ink Machine”
  • You can put anything in my message wall.
  • Slowly becoming and eddsworld fan. 👊😌
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