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PJ Masks, Steven Universe, Amphibia, drawing, listening to music,


Homework (it’s sucks), School, Bullies, Harassment


April, 23rd 2020

Hi my name is Babby, im a girl who has been watching PJ Masks since 2015

Was a Discussion Moderator on 30th April 2021 but became an Administrator on 11th may 2021.

When I watched the first episode of PJ Masks, “Blame It On The Train Owlette” i didn’t really have interest in the episode or the show after, a year later since I have watched the first episode, I came across a season 2 trailer on YouTube , The trailer made me gain my interest on PJ Masks again. and it made me watch more episodes, and I actually started to like the show more. Now I am a fan of the show and I like to come across and edit in the wiki most of the time to see new updates.


  • I like to watch PJ Masks, Steven Universe, Hilda and Amphibia
  • My zodiac sign is ‘Aries’.
  • The first episode I watched in PJ Masks was “Blame It On The Train Owlette”.
  • When I first watched watched PJ Masks I had no interest in it, but when I watched the season 2 trailer, I actually started to like the show more, and I’m currently a fan of the show.
  • You can put anything in my message wall.
  • My favourite character from Steven universe is Lapis Lazuli
  • My favourite character from PJ Masks is Night Ninja, An Yu, and Catboy
  • My name mostly represents the fact, that my favourite colour is Blue.
  • I’m currently diagnosed with Anemia.

My Favourite Shows ⭐️

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Respect The Admins

Please, when it comes to getting blocked from the wiki you should always respect the admins, lately I’ve seen admins like MagicalGem98 Receiving a lot of death threats for what she is doing right. So if you have nothing positive to say when it comes to blocking, Then don’t say anything. I’m tired of seeing the other Administrators being threatened.

My Availability

I am mostly available on the Wiki from MONDAY to SUNDAY, but if I’m not online right now, that’s because I’m busy.

Asking for Admin Rights

If you try to ask me or any other Admins for rights, like Content Moderator, Bureaucrat, etc. Then it will definitely be a no. It takes a lot of time to get these abilities, you have to work your way to the top. Show that you can be trustful towards the Admins, so if you’re think about doing it right now, then don’t. And don’t complain if you don’t get accepted.

Warnings And Blocks

If me or any of the Admins, has given you a warning on your message wall, it’s within a valid reason. So please don’t take it personally, also try not to remove the warnings either.

If you think your block is unfair, I highly suggest you to do a block appeal on Blueberry706’s Block Appeal Google form and give us a admirable reason, on why you should be unblocked. If your message seems very threat full towards the admins, then me and the Admins will definitely ignore you, and your account will be permanently blocked.

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