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Frosty, PJ Robi


n o y b

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15th August




India India

Favorite color

Green, Blue, Purple and Cyan


PJ Masks, Ice-cream, Disney Junior Shows, Respect, My favorite shows/movies, Songs, Gekko, Making Friends, My Friends, Pokemon


People who laugh on those who watches kids shows, Cockroaches, School, Homework, Exams, Study

You can also call me:

whatever you wanna call me-

Hi there... my name is ElsaFan2008 (obv, you have read my username lol), but can also call me Frosty or whatever you wanna call me cuz I have many names XD. (you can also say me 2008). I wasn't interested in this show, but I became a big fan of this series after few days (-_-). I first watched this series in 2017 and the first episode was "Gekko and the Mayhem at the Museum " or "Who's Got the Owl Power?" (I don't know which was the first -_-). My favorite Fandoms are PJ Masks (obv), Pokemon (the most fav TvT), Miraculous:Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir, Disney (obv) and Paw Patrol.
I hope that we can be friends......
Sometimes, I use fullstops/dots a lot .-.

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My Favorite Characters

  1. Gekko
  2. Night Ninja
  3. An Yu
  4. Wolfies
  5. Munki-gu
  6. Octobella
  7. PJ Robot
  8. Ortcia

My Favorite Episodes

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


(not) Fun Facts

  • My favorite Pokemon is PIchu.
  • I'm a vegetarian.
  • I wear Glasses because my eyesight are weak ;-;
  • i forgot this one....

My Arts and Edits



Sunidhi Chauhan, Smita Malhotra - Tu kaun hai? (From "Frozen 2")

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This was (not) all about me but Bye! (ツ)