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September 27



🤍 Hello everyone!🤍

I'm Eva

Nice to meet you all! I have been a fan of PJ Masks (series) since 2015, so I decided to join you in this magnificent and wonderful wiki, I hope to make many new friends here .... I am very shy, but very sociable! I like meeting new people and above all helping, plus I'm an editor! Finally, I hope I can always help you, so call me if you need my help.

Facts about me🌸

🤍 I am Italian, but I study many other languages: English, French, Spanish and German.

🤍 I prefer season 1 over the others.

🤍 I am an editor, and I do edits on PJ Masks (team) and collages.

🤍 My account Youtube: Eva Edits

🤍 My account Instagram: eva_.oka

🤍 My account Twitter: 06Evaoka

🤍 My account Tumblr: evaoka06

🤍 My account DevianArt: Evaoka

🤍 My account Pinterest: meva0459

🤍 My account Artfol: evaoka06

My favorite episodes of Season 1💫

  1. "Owlette's Terrible Pterodactyl Trouble"
  2. "Catboy vs. Robo-Cat"
  3. "Catboy's Tricky Ticket"
  4. "Owlette and the Battling Headquarters"
  5. "Catboy and the Lunar Dome"

My favorite episodes of Season 2💫

  1. "Moonfizzle Balls (episode)
  2. "Night of the Cat"
  3. "Halloween Tricksters"

My favorite episodes of Season 3💫

  1. "Moon Madness"
  2. "Armadylan Zen"
  3. "Meet An Yu"
  4. "The Moon Prix"
  5. "Romeo's Melody"

My favorite  episodes of Season 4💫

  1. "Heroes of the Sky"
  2. "Commander Meow"
  3. "Master Fang's Secret"
  4. "Super Super Cat Speed"
  5. "Pharaoh's Boomerangs"

My favorite episodes of Season 5💫

  1. "Ninja Power Up"
  2. "Newton The Destructor"
  3. "Baddie Bots"
  4. "Newton and the Animals"
  5. "Invisible Munki-Gu"
  6. "Orticia Blooms"
  7. "Catboy's Magic Trick
  8. "Carly and Cartoka"
  9. "PJ Riders

Please Take Note.

*Don't bother anyone and do not be intrusive, if it happens I will immediately notify the administrators to resolve the problem.

  • Please follow all the rules of fandom carefully.
  • Don't annoy administrators.
  • If in case you have been blocked for valid reasons, wait until your block expires and don't be impatient.
  • Finally please, if you need help, feel free to contact me when you want.