aka Juan Luis Bonilla

  • I live in Spain
  • I was born on May 2
  • My occupation is Voice Actor and Sound Engineer
  • I am Male

They say I'm crazy, but the voices inside my head says I'm normal...

I'm voice actor and sound engineer, well, maybe it's true that I'm crazy, I'm from Spain but I play characters for cartoons around the world in different languages.

  • I play fencing (sabre) .
  • I was victim of children abuse.
  • I design funny shirts.
  • I'm the creator of the fan project "Hero Training Academy" (coming soon)
  • I like record audiobooks.

Did I say I'm crazy?

  • I was Magician and Illusionist, knew by the name "Mangriny" (I'm retired)
  • I'm self-taught in 90% of what I do
  • And sure, I love The PJ Masks (who doesn't?)

My favorite pages

  1. PJ Robot
  2. Catboy
  3. Romuald Racioppo
  4. La Légende des Pyjamasques
  5. Juan Luis Bonilla (not gonna lie)
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