aka Pjmasksforever

  • I live in United States Of America
  • I was born on September 15
  • I am Female
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* [[File:EF65ACF2-D4C3-4C9E-B806-8B72C878372A.jpeg|thumb|220x220px]]Hi my name is Josie and I love the pj masks wiki and I just joined and if you have any questions just ask
* my favourite pages
* Gekko and the opposite ray{{Infobox|Box title = Info|image = 190B4BE4-80B0-4499-BF17-E08643BEE353.png|caption = Hi my name is Josie and i love pj masks|Row 1 info = My favorite characters are
Luna girl, Romeo and night ninja|Row 2 info = I am 14 years old|Row 3 info = My birthday is September 15|Row 4 info = I first joined the wiki December 27 2018|Row 5 info = My favorite color is purple and blue and teal}}
* catboy no more
* catboy no more
* pj masks vs bad guys United

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