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Editing the wiki, drawing, internet, cats, DREAMophrenia and other cartoon shows, fanarts, night sky, stars


Work ('cause I'm lazy to do it lol), harassment, airplanes, betrayals


September 12, 2019

Hey there, I am Raspberry30! And I like to watch PJ Masks. I have stumbled upon this wiki two days after airing of the episode The Wolfy Plan/The Lizard Theft (which means on November 4, 2018). Then I looked around the wiki for a while and decided to help here. And after seven months and seven days of joining this wiki (which was on May 8, 2020) I became an admin and a content moderator of this wiki. I sincerely thank MagicalGem98 for this wonderful opportunity! :)

Have any questions, concerns or any suggestions about the wiki? Feel free to contact me or any other available administrators here. <3

🌸 Facts about me! 🌸

  • My favourite characters in the show are:
  • I love pastel colours and soft things.
  • I love animals, especially cats.
  • My birthday is on January 30th.
  • Along with PJ Masks, I like to watch a lot of different shows.
  • I'm a fan of Disney movies.
  • I'm slowly trying to gain interest in animes.

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🐚 My availability 🐚

I'm mainly active on FANDOM every day. You can leave a message on my wall anytime to ask for help or just to say hi!

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