The Wolfy World

  • I live in New York
  • I was born on August 20
  • My occupation is Horse Riding and Competitive Dance
  • I am Female
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PJ Masks-in-Mystery Mountain
Hello Everybody! My name is obviously The Wolfy World, (you can call me Wolfy) and im so glad to be with you guys on the Wiki.
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My favorite pages

  • Gekko and the Opposite Ray
  • Flight of the Ninja
  • Moonbreaker
  • Romeocoaster
  • Halloween Tricksters
  • The Dragon Gong
  • Catboy's Cuddly
  • Invisible Owlette
  • Werejalinos
  • Glowy Moths
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My Favorite Characters

My favorite Episode Moments

  • The farting scene that happened after the PJ's jumped out of the cat car in Catboy's Cloudy Crisis
  • When Night Ninja calls Owlette and Gekko PJ Sushi Rolls after his ninjalinos roll them up in the yoga mats in Catboy and Master Fang's Sword
  • The scene in Catboy and Gekko's Robot Rampage where Robot starts throwing trash cans at Catboy and Gekko, forcing them to try and jump over, and trip into eachother.
  • The funny part in Catboy's Cuddly where Romeo gets sucked into the toy machine, turning himself into a cuddly.
  • When Night Ninja mentions he has names for his ninjalinos in the episode Wolfy Mountain
  • After Owlette ambushes the Wolfies in The Wolfy Plan, some of her owl feathers get stuck to Kevin's butt, and Rip pulls them off causing Kevin to go flying into the dirt.
  • When Catboy and Gekko trip over a crouched Owlette, not knowing she was there in Invisible Owlette
  • When Catboy scares the livin' **** out of Night Ninja in Super Cat Ears
  • When Armadylan criticizes Romeo in Armadylan'd and Dangerous for being more of a lumberjack instead of a villain. That was a good one!
  • Romeo calls the PJ Masks (team) PJ Pogo-Sticks in Romeo's Disguise after stealing Owlette's powers as a disguise
  • When Conner sits on the invisible Romeo statue in Invisible Owlette and looks like he's floating.

My Favorite Songs

  • Good Girl Carrie Underwood
  • Bad Boy Nightcore version
  • Love Love Love Avalanche City
  • Crazy Girl Eli Young Band
  • Love Wins Carrie Underwood
  • Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Set it Off (Curtisy of Foxyfox7)
  • Learn me right From movie Brave
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