These are some of my ideas for the second season of PJ Masks. It will debut in the U.S. January 15, 2018.


There will be new villains (all of them according to Wikipedia)

New Villains

  • Armadillain
  • Werewolf Kids

And there will be new heroes.

New Heroes

  • Bunnyboy/Cameron - Is a 6-year-old boy who wears an orange costume with bunny ears and tail, and he gains two large buck teeth. He has Super Bunny Speed, Super Bunny Hop, and Super Rabbit Swirl. His powers somewhat match up to Catboy's. His vehicle is the Rabbit Racer.

Other New Features

  • Amaya gets laser eye correction, and wears a new outfit.
  • There will be episodes that shows PJ Masks wearing bathing suits, Catboy breaks his leg and won't join the PJ Masks, Romeo being attacked by the Werewolf Kids, and lastly, PJ Masks will be swimming.

Hope u like my ideas!

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