Since the dawn of time, it is said that every child has their animal totem. When midnight came, these fabulous animals descended stars and chased nightmares. The moon guiding them like a lighthouse. They went to see the children they had chosen as friends.

But all that was bothering Luna Girl. This little insomniac witch could neither sleep nor dream. She was still sick and shared her bad mood with the world. Thanks to her luna magnet, an army of insects obeyed her. "Come on my moths!" She ordered. "If I can not take advantage of the totem animals, no one will benefit, form a huge cloud that will lock them in. I want them to belong to me!"

But before disappearing for good. three of them decided to escape. They gathered their strength to cross the cloud of insects! In fleeing, they made a promise to the totem totems: "We will find the strongest and most heroic children, and with them we will come back to deliver you!" Seeing this, Luna Girl became angry and struck them with her lightning.

Without more hope, they crashed at random...

The Totem-cat pops up in the middle of a house. A little boy named Connor was so surprised to be so awake, he jumped on his feet ready to run to hide! The cat-totem danced around him to reassure him and lit up his pajamas: "You'll never be afraid of anything again, my boy, that my parents are yours, when my stripes will appear on your clothes, jump and run faster. than the wind!"

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