I'm gonna finish the HTA project (the virtual one) very soon, if you want I can post it here and let you play.

What is the HTA

The Hero Training Academy is a project that I made for live entertaining, but now is some kind of fanfiction about a school in the future, founded by The PJ Masks. In this school, you can learn how to be a hero, use your superpowers correctly and learn how to save the world. In “Live Version” it’s an activity for children about makin’ exercise and dance with the brave band of heroes. In the virtual version, you can get your Diploma, your transformation bracelet and your uniform, I think it’s a nice place for those who have Original Characters.

Escudo Hero Academy

HTA Shield

Hero training academy uniform by jens kaliyios ddd7tzx-fullview

HTA Uniform


HTA Outdoors

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