As some of you know, I'll be at Leolandia the 4th of April (if the freakin' coronavirus allows me), I saw some pics about The PJ Masks City and I can't wait to go.

Yes, you can visit the museum and have an adventure there, you can "fly" on the OwlGlider, use the water cannon on the Gekkomobile, climb a wall with Super Lizard Grip, use the Super Cat Jump or the Owl Eyes, this last three are in a playground (maybe I'm old for this) but it seems cool, I'm workin on a video for this day, thanks to the Leolandia marketing team I'll have a "fan moment" with the PJ Masks (mascots) so we could see the brave band of heroes and the voice of his lil pal...
I want to share this experience with all of you, not for be vain or corny, after all I'm a fan of the show and I want to show the rest of the fans that there's a place where doesn't matter your age, you can dream of being a PJ Masks and help them saving the day.

And yes, you'll can see the HQ "in real life"
Pj masks hq by jens kaliyios ddr9jvn-pre

Real Life HQ

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