Hi, everyone!

Happy December!

So, as of right now, in the United States, we are up to 22 episodes (44 segments) for Season 2. However, thanks to Catlette4ever, with the episode title cards that she uploaded, there are 4 more episodes (8 more segments) confirmed for the season, which brings the total count to 26 episodes (52 segments), the episode/segment total for this season!

Thank you so much for your help, Catlette4ever! We are really grateful!

That being said, you may have noticed in the Episode Navigation Box that some of the episodes that are yet to be announced are not here anymore. That's because since we now have the total episode/segment count for Season 2, SirBlaze and I have decided to delete the pages that were unconfirmed for the season.

However, we've also agreed that these deletions are just for now, because there may some chance that the episodes are actually real at a later point for Season 3. If that is the case, then they will be restored. However, we do need to ask for either a link or a title card to confirm their existence.

Speaking of which, a couple of new rules have been placed regarding on creating new episode pages fairly recently. From now on, if an episode page is created, make sure you provide a link of the source on where it came from, even if they are sources that are not always reliable. However, if an episode has aired in a different country, and it is prior to the US airing, you can take a picture of the title card and upload it to either the comment section of the main page, or the gallery page if it created right after the main page has been created.

We've had these unconfirmed episodes for some time now during Season 2's time interval, and there were some complaints about them being real or not. So, from here on, if there is an episode page without a link or a title card photo, do not be surprised if either SirBlaze or I come in and ask if there is a source, then deleting it in a few days if there is nothing provided. We, as well as the other users, are trying to keep this wiki purely informational, and I'm sure most of us want that to be as well.

Here are the links:

Thank you so much for your cooperation, and have a nice seasonal holiday this month! Enjoy the rest of Season 2!

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