Is it just me, or do more people think the show really needs some origin episodes?

Season 2 is already well on it's way, and still we know nothing about how the 3 heroes got their powers, vehicles, HQ etc., how they first met the nighttime villains, or how the Nighttime villains became who they are.

And this trend continued with the recent introduction of PJ Robot and the heroes new powers. You'd expect that if a show is going to feature a new character, or the main characters get new powers, there will be a proper introduction for either. But PJ Robot and the new powers appear literally out of nowhere; one episode the heroes don't have them, the next they suddenly do and act like they've had them for a while now. 

This doesn't give much hope for when Armadillain and the Werewolf Kids are due to make their debut on the show, because chances are they too wil appear out of the blue, with everyone in the show acting like they already know each other. In fact, the working title for Armadillains debut episode is "Armadillains' Revenge". Revenge suggests characters have had at least one previous encounter with each other.

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