Well hi every one. Just let you know that im leaving the PJ Masks wiki for some valid reason. And I impersonated GhoulGirls in the Discord. And sent a frnd request to Raspberry and Catlette. However Raspberry fell for it. But she realized some time later that it was an impersonator of GhoulGirls.

Just said crystal clear truth to everyone cause im leaving the wiki cause you're all heart breakers.😿🤐😒😓🙁

Some messages before leaving the wiki:

MagicalGem98: Hi, MagicalGem I know you gave some warnings but seriously you are a great admin and forever will be I hope.

Blueberry706: I know that you've been very mean to me from the Begining. But its my duty to say good-bye to you.

Catlette4ever: Well Catlette, I have nothing to say you cause you were a good friend of mine these days. Thanks for your time. You are a true friend seeker.❤

Raspberry30🍇: Raspberry, have you told GhoulGirls what I said to tell you? If not, pls say it immediately. And also sorry because I also impersonated you at discord naming an account Raspberry301. And sent a frnd request to Blueberry, Catlette and GhoulGirls. Only Blueberry accepted it, and then I deleted that fake account and created a new one to impersonate GhoulGirls.

GhoulGirls90: Well, you GhoulGirls I am never sorry to you. Cause you have broken my heart and thats why I took a revenge by impersonating you.

MehdiMaster: I have nothing in mind what to say you Mehdi. I think you and Catlette are deep friend seekers and lead a very normal life. Its definitely awesome.

MagicalGem, do your duty with all you might.

Blueberry, please leave bad words and words.

Catlette, be happy all the time.

Raspberry, give your exams carefully and wish you a big success in your life. And tell GhoulGirls what I said to tell him.

GhoulGirls, live with your life as you want to live. No more Strawberry to bother you.

Mehdi, wish you success and your desired esteem in here.

Bye Bye. With many good wishes and love,💝💌 STRAWBERRY🍓

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