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The main bad guys; Roméo Mécano, Sorceline and Ninjaka

Villains of the Night (also known as Nighttime Villains in PJ Masks, Méchants, Bedtime Baddies or Wrongdoers) are the primary antagonists of Les Pyjamasques series. This term originated in "Les Pyjamasques et le robot-blizzard."


Villains of the Night are villains that come out in the night. They act as opposing enemies to Nocturnal Heroes, and provide conflict with them.


  • Folkloric and Mythologic: The most common nighttime villains. They come in the form of folkloric or mythologic characters, such as witches, magicians, vegetable creatures, gods etc. Examples include Orticia, Sorceline, Apophis, Pharaoh Boy, Marchand de sable, Sablotin, Magistère la sorcière, Munki-gu, Ninjaka, Night Ninja and much more.
  • Modern: Nighttime villains that come in the form of contemporary villains, such as mad scientists, mysterious thieves, mobsters and zookeepers. Examples include Gatzo, Roméo Mécano, Romeo, The Wolfy Kids, and Luna Girl.
  • Monsters: Nighttime villains that come in the form and/or resemblance of animals such as bunnies, vultures, wolves, octopus with grotesque features (e.g. teeth that are usually big in size), their main goal is to torment and eat children and anything raw in order to satisfy their hunger. Examples include Grogarou, Croque-Chaussettes, Ogrechou and Mille Bras.
  • Aliens and Humanoids: Nighttime villains that look like those of humans, except with features of that of an animal or other life-form. Examples include Motsuki, The Wolfy Kids and Octobella.


Aside from their archetypes, the villains' roles vary in different types.

  • Rampagers: Nighttime villains who try to aimlessly cause terror, destruction and havoc as much as they can in a whole city, or a specific location. Examples include Roméo Mécano, Romeo, Orticia, Robot-Blizzard, Croque-Chaussettes and Motsuki.
  • Brigands and Thieves: Nighttime villains that steal possessions from people in which they need to achieve their motives. Examples includes Luna Girl, Sorceline, Sablotin, Les Mascrapules, Night Ninja and Ninjaka.
  • Kidnappers: Nighttime villains that capture people from preventing them from ruining their plans or for personal gain. Examples include Gatzo, Sorceline, Apophis and the rest of the nighttime villains in the television series.
  • Moral Opposition: Nighttime villains that are represented as oppositions to morals, and have negative feelings which reflects on their opposition (e.g. anger, failure, jealousy etc). Examples include Roméo Mécano, Sorceline and Les Mascrapules.

Connections to the Nighttime

In general, the villains of the night are often related and linked to the nighttime, mythology and other fantastical themes which mirrors the book series' dreamscape themes.

While in the TV series, some of the villains are only linked to the nighttime and mythology themes which mirror the sci-fi and vigilante themes instead.


Les Pyjamasques

The villains in the book series are generally portrayed to have extremely wicked and vicious qualities in many ways, such as using lethal weapons and abilities, and showing little or no fear on destroying and inflicting violence towards the heroes in one swoop. Some of the villains are caused to be act like that due to their negative past and what negative feelings they have such as anger, failure, jealousy towards something positive in which the villains don't have.

PJ Masks

The villains in the television series are portrayed as the embodiment of a child with naughty and mischievous qualities, such as making attempts to freely cheat, lie, and acting spoiled towards themselves and the heroes.


Dreamscape Villains


Contemporary Villains

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