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Wolf Wheelz

Wolf Wheels is born!

From "The Moon Prix"

Wolf Wheelz (known at the 2020 New York Toy Fair as the Wolf Mobile) is a vehicle used by the Wolfy Kids. It is first seen in the Season 3 episode "The Moon Prix".

It was accidentally created by Romeo and Luna Girl during the Moon Prix race, when their Shrinker beam and Luna Magnet beam merged and hit the Wolfy Kids' kick scooters and go-kart, causing the vehicles to merge into a single car. The Wolf Wheelz also has a "turbo" mode, which occurs when a bright full moon, when not covered by clouds, shines.

The driver of the car varies. In some episodes like "The Moon Prix", the driver is Rip, while in other episodes like "Arma-Leader" and "Owlette Slips Up", the driver is Howler.

It is possibly semi-sentient as shown in "Where's The Wolf Wheelz?", where the car could be seen driving on its own with no driver, its eyes could squint in anger, and it growled happily when returned to the Wolfy Kids.


The Wolf Wheelz is blue-green with light blue flame designs on it.


  • The Wolf Wheelz French name is the Farfevroom.
  • It is the third convertible vehicle in the series.
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