To see the group of villains' mainstream counterpart, see Les Farfeloups.

Wolfy Kids
Wolfy kids profile pic (1)






Male (2)
Female (1)


Neutral/Good (sometimes)


Wolf Wheelz
The PJ Masks (sometimes)
Creating dens
Marking their territory
Antagonizing the PJ Masks and other villains (especially Luna Girl and Night Ninja)
Mystery Mountain (formerly)
The moon
Getting more powers
Messing around with paint (except Kevin)


Moths tickling their noses and making them sneeze
The PJ Masks (mostly Catboy)
Kevin's forgetfulness
Other villains (especially Luna Girl and Night Ninja)


Each other
The PJ Masks (sometimes)
Luna Girl and her moths (sometimes)
Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos (sometimes)


PJ Masks
Luna Girl and her moths (sometimes; rivalry)
Night Ninja and his Ninjalinos (sometimes; rivalry)

Voice Actors

Howler: Kaden Stephen
Rip: Shechinah Mpumlwana
Kevin: Ethan Pugiotto

The Wolfy Kids, also known as the Wolfys or Wolfies are a trio of villain siblings and the quaternary antagonists (but sometimes anti-heroes) of the PJ Masks series, and are the counterparts of Les Farfeloups. They first appeared in the season 2 episode "The Wolfy Kids".

Official website description

Meet Rip, Howler and Kevin, affectionately known as the Wolfy Kids. Half werewolf, half human, this Wolfy Pack is a trio of trouble with the aim of taking over the city, the vehicles and anything else they fancy! They are silly threatening buffoons with comical banter but influenced by the moon they have the traits of wolves, marking their territory, creating dens, combined attacks and transformation!


The members of the pack include:


Both Howler and Rip are hostile and antagonistic towards the PJ Masks. But, Kevin sometimes acts friendly and nice towards the PJ Masks, because he doesn't really want to be mean as shown in "The Good Wolfy". Howler and Rip dislike his forgetfulness on what they have planned. Both Howler and Rip also argue with each other.

Motive & abilities


The Wolfy Kids are driven by their animal instincts and their desire to do bad things. Rip admitted this when they first met the PJ Masks. They don't seem to care what kind of havoc they cause, as long as they do it.


  • Sonic Howl: All three can create sonic waves with their howl.
  • Superhuman Agility: All three wolfies are quite agile, being able to leap over tall objects. They can run on hands and feet for extra speed.

Physical appearance

Howler's daytime appearance is unknown, but in the nighttime, he appears in werewolf form along with Rip and Kevin. He has dark gray spiky hair with two white streaks in the front, sideburns, violet eyes, and claws on his fingers and toes. He also wears a black jacket over a red shirt and blue jeans.

Rip's daytime appearance is unknown. In the nighttime, she also appears in werewolf form. Her hair is colored dark magenta with lighter tips. She has magenta eyes and claws on her fingers and toes. She also wears a black jacket over a yellow shirt, gray plaid skirt and red-and-black striped stockings.

Kevin's daytime appearance is unknown. In the nighttime, like Howler and Rip, he also appears in werewolf form. He has cyan eyes but aren't seen because of being covered by his dark purple shaggy hair. He has claws on his fingers and toes, and wears a black-and-teal jacket over a black-and-white striped shirt and dark gray jeans.

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